Accommodating disorder for ‘The Season’

-Our poor constitution: Ignored, overlooked

-Power and suffering at Christmas-Time

Could it be my age? Or  my self-imposed generational non-acceptance of lawlessness and disorder in the name of `Chrissmuss’, that makes me frequently crotchety during this month?

Okay, I’ve long accepted that rampant commercialism now attends this still- (?) Christian celebration of the Virgin Birth of the Child who, as an adult, was regarded as a Messiah (Protector/Deliverer), because he was anointed.  Hence the title “Christ”.  Incidentally, He didn’t actually tell anyone to name himself or herself “Christian”.  A walk around Georgetown, Linden, New Amsterdam would never reflect any consideration of the sentiments mentioned earlier in this paragraph. All one experiences is rampant commercialism. Often exploitative.

It developed because Christians regard the Birth of Jesus as mankind’s Greatest “Gift”. So the merchants worldwide exploit the “gift-giving”. It’s buy-buy-buy to give, to receive, to make money! The true sentiments easily escape celebrants – thousands not even Christian. In Georgetown, our cramped capital,  it’s commercial chaos! I know these lamentations will fall on deaf municipal ears. After all, I’ll be told it’s just for “de Season”. The hundreds of vendors deserve a year-end bonanza(?).

What by-laws? Is “Chrissmuss”!

I don’t think I’m a grumpy Christmas Grinch. It’s just that I know that official permissiveness will perpetuate indiscipline beyond 2018.

By-laws against obstruction and littering are ignored, tossed aside as Georgetown’s City Hall allows more stalls on the pavements to collect revenues. Boutiques are on sidewalks and streets and pedestrians are put at vehicular risk. Even I can’t avoid the Season’s bedlam ‘though I’m no longer a “Chrismuss – person”.

What? Stay home until the city chaos gives way to orderly normalcy in the new year before Mashramani? Okay. Wanna bet? Frankly Speaking Georgetown’s confusion and lawlessness merely reflect the general state-of-mind and reality of a fractured society which accommodates generational decay.

“Later” for our constitution?

So I’m a mere layman citizen where lofty constitutional issues are concerned. But I “read up” voraciously and am sometimes advised by friends legally-trained.

So today I make bold to state my citizen’s position on two instances where I feel that His Excellency, His attorney-general, the Parliament’s Speaker and his government generally have prostituted the Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

His Excellency ignored the constitutional provisions in arbitrarily selecting a Chairman for the Elections Commission. So never “blame” the eccentric Chairman. He didn’t appoint himself. Secondly, I’m persuaded –  by both the PPP and neutral observers – that no Prime Minister or any other Cabinet Minister representing the President should sit in Parliament’s assembly when doing so.

And Frankly Speaking, I share other commentators’ view that our highest Courts of Law whilst sticking to fundamental law should render decisions within the context of a society facing likely breakdown.


Power, greed, suffering right now….

Christendom’s celebration of the Birth of its Messiah, Saviour and Prince of Peace often throws up, in stark contrast, the worst of man’s inhumanity to man. Joy, Hope, Peace in one side of the planet at this time is compromised, nay obliterated by conflict, terrorism, starvation and mass murder in other societies of the world. Too many!

Ironically, where, reportedly, Jesus Christ traversed seldom enjoys sustained peace these days. Witness Israeli/Palestinian bloody conflicts. Though I am far removed, my emotions boil seeing thousands of innocent Venezuelan, Yemeni and Syrian children starving and dying daily whilst so-called leaders “negotiate” ceasefires and peace. Lower animals of our animal kingdom never orchestrate such horrors!

Even prayers no longer help as leaders of factions and governments crave, then kill – kill even innocents – for power, land, other resources. What is to be done?


Yes the KN editorial on the state of our Parliament was pointedly harsh. But the MPs have themselves to blame. Decorum? Oratory? Dignity? Long gone!

Venezuelans seem to suffer even in death! Crematoriums can’t get power to cremate!

Often I agree with the daily Kaieteur News columnist about the insensitive uncaring policies and attitudes of those who serve the public in this land – the ministries, corporations, utilities. I could not collect Minister “Good Life” Jordan’s increased pension this week. I must wait next January’s pension pay day because my particulars “fell off” his ministry’s computers. (I turned up too late to declare myself alive – my fault).

But the point is: the robotic ministry’s operatives have no alternative (compassion) for assisting seniors in such a case.

A fellow is to join his partner in prison for “the season”. Why? He put marijuana in food for his inmate pal. Real festive friendship!

Our charming but aggressive Bing-Bang Boom-Out Miner-Minister has recorded a lovely Christmastime Oldie. Pure talent!

A pleasant, reflective Christmas from me too!


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