“There will be consequences. If they think that they can rig the elections and have the kind of peace that we have now, they’re wrong; very, very wrong. I hope they are not taking that in their calculation.”

Those were words uttered by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo at a recent press conference. The 2020 elections will be critical. Although Guyana has always been natural resources rich, the expected wealth from our nascent oil industry will create new prospects for development. Leaders who are honest and committed to improving the lives of the Guyanese people are the ones needed to take us into the future. But are talks about elections being rigged and threatening the peace of our country necessary at this point? Are we the people to take any threats to our peace lightly?

In conversations I have had about the opposition leader’s statement, a few people told me that they are not concerned with Jagdeo and will not take anything he says seriously. But aren’t we supposed to be worried when anyone threatens our peace? Have we forgotten what peace looked and felt like under Jagdeo’s administration? ….