Jahseh Onfroy was a young rapper. He was known by the stage name XXXTentacion. He died on June 18th. He was murdered at just twenty-years-old. Before his death, I never listened to his music. However, I was aware of his existence by way of social media.

He was troubled; he was jailed after being accused of abusing his girlfriend and committed a number of robberies during his teens. But his obsession with death indicated that his call to the grave was imminent. Though in the latter part of his life he was trying to change for the better, his fate seemed to have been sealed by that which flowed from his soul.

After he was killed, a music video was released and in it he was attending his own funeral. His life has been juxtaposed with that of Tupac Shakur. They both constantly spoke about death in their music, both died very young by way of gun violence and videos were released after their deaths that were about their deaths. In the case of XXXTentacion, his childhood was troubling; his father was incarcerated, and his mother struggled…..