I rarely visit the Stabroek Market and its environs by choice. The camaraderie among ordinary Guyanese mostly earning an honest living is good to witness but there is also often the risk of being confronted by belligerence and harassment. Those few who choose to steal instead of toil are nuisances I would rather not encounter. Of course, one can also become a victim of thieves even in the safest of neighbourhoods, but if we can, most of us would not walk into a lion’s den knowing the possibility of being mauled.

Nevertheless, I respect and admire the businessmen and women who toil at the market day in and day out. Families are fed by those vendors settled under umbrellas, those standing along the streets or pushing carts as they announce their items for sale and the stalls offer the opportunity to fulfill dreams. 

When entering Stabroek Market, one often pretends to not notice those selling illicit substances, such as cannabis. One is also often accosted by men looking to purchase gold. Curiosity has never tempted me to feign interest in selling just to see what bargains they offer…..

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