It was the day of her school party. She was in the company of friends. Her father had set a curfew, but like many teenagers, she deviated from the path home to a hotel owned by relatives of one of her friends. In the lounge, teenagers, eager to experience the freedoms of adulthood, laughed and chatted as the darkness grew outside.

And then nature’s call separated her from the friends she loved. And out of the shadows he appeared. The door was locked, and she was trapped in that room with the stranger. He placed a knife to her throat and threatened that if she screamed, her neck would bleed. With muffled screams, she experienced her first death as the ordeal seemed like it would never end. He did not consider that she was somebody’s daughter; just an innocent girl looking to use the lavatory.

Weak and dazed, she made her way home. Was she dreaming? Had he kept his promise and slit her throat landing her in some hellish afterlife?….

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