Photos and interviews by Oliceia Tinnie and David Papannah

With local government elections set for November 12, we asked the man/woman in the street  if they will be voting and about the difficulties being experienced in their areas.

Evelyn Gravesande

`I will have to think about if I’m going to vote for this Local Government Election, because I not sure I really want to vote. Last year I thought about it and tried a thing. I live in Anns Grove and they have begun to fix the roads but it still needs work. For this upcoming Local Government election I need to see the people who are running first before I make my decision to vote.’

Stephanie Joe

`I vote at every election because it’s simply my democratic right. When I vote I feel great, like I did my part. I also encourage my children to ensure that they do their part as well. I live in La Parfaite Harmonie and they need to address the low water pressure, poor roads and poor lighting for the area. By me voting I think this would give the people the power to make the changes. I voted in the last LGE and I will ensure that I do it again this year.’


Ms. Singh

`“I will be voting this LGE because I always like to see progress. I however, dislike when those officials fight down each other. I live in Non Pareil and our streets have a lot of holes and need urgent care. Despite all the fighting that goes on among those persons in those positions I will continue to vote because it’s my constitutional right.’

Eusin Whatley

`I believe that the (local government) body needs to be more transparent in what they’re doing. When they’re not, there’s a breakdown in what persons expect to see happening in their community. I will be voting this year I live on the East Bank but ply my trade in Georgetown I would like to see more development with the market. My community is a farming community and the areas that need addressing are the roads, water, lighting and so on. I would encourage persons to vote because by doing so it makes it easier because we would get a wider support on whatever decision is being made in the country.’


Ian Campbell

`The major issues for me, in my community are the same as two years ago and previously. These problems are literacy, infrastructural safety and sanitation. Despite these issues I will be voting this upcoming LGE’.


Tarawattie Bhagirat

`I will be voting this upcoming LGE because it is my right as a citizen of Guyana to vote and have my voice be heard. With that being said there have been minimal changes in my community but over the past weeks I noticed they have been clearing the drains among other things. Drainage is one of the big issues along with indiscriminate dumping. The NDC Councillors seem to be turning a blind eye to these issues because they wait until it floods to clear the drains and tell no one about the dumping of shrubs and garbage along the side of the road. I do hope that they get their act together and do better this time round if they are reelected.’

`I will be voting at this year’s Local Government Elections because I want to see developments in my community. After the last elections I have seen some changes but I do think the process of implementing stuff in the Region is quite slow. I remember my street had major potholes that needed immediate filling, which took the NDC almost 2 months to do after several complaints. I also think councillors at the regional level can do a better job to represent us the people, we are voting for them but sometimes they fail to represent us.’

Aqilah Sheppard

`As it relates to my intentions of voting for local government elections, I definitely intend to as I am cognizant that this election is imperative for proper decentralization of tasks. These tasks include raising & collecting taxes, drainage, irrigation, maintenance of infrastructure via the various councils formed under local government. I’m from Linden and I am also the Secretary of the Linden Youth Leaders, so for my area some of the major issues for me are proper road construction and education opportunities.’

Chandanie Dyal

`I will be voting because it’s my responsibility to do so. One of the major issues for me is not  being au fait with the candidates or being fully informed of their portfolios and what they have to offer since they seem to hide behind the cloaks of their respective parties. So at the end of the day we’re at square one again. Voting race as opposed to merit.’

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