Upcoming local government polls

With local government elections set for November 12, we asked the man/woman in the street at various points on the West Demerara, in Georgetown and Berbice if they will they be voting and about the issues being experienced in their communities.

Norma Martin – West Demerara – ‘I have heard of Local Government Elections and when it is that day I will go out and vote. I have seen the advertisement and heard about it on the news. I live in the squatting area in Vreed-en-Hoop but I have seen some progress in roads and light. However, I think they need to look at the garbage situation because you have a lot of garbage around the place which don’t look good.’

Sandra Chatterpaul- Berbice – `I am from Philippi Village, Corentyne, we in our village have knowledge about it, and people know about it, everyone is involved to some extent, meetings have been ongoing. I will be voting and I think people in my area are also eager to vote. We will like to see developments in our community so we will take part in LGE’.

Wayne Dover

Vernett Park – Berbice – ‘I am from Bara Cara and we don’t vote for local government in there, we don’t have any representatives in there that I know of. I am fully aware of the system and how it operates but like I said we don’t vote where I live. I think we have capable people who would be able to represent us. But I think it is because they don’t have the population for local government in there, we have only about 300 – 400 people. I think they are looking to have a CDC in there. I read about local government in the papers whenever I come out because we don’t have papers in there, so I have knowledge about it.’

Desiree Persaud- West Demerara – ‘I am aware of the elections. It is on November 12 and I plan to go out and vote. I vote at the last election and I will at this one. We are looking for developments in Crane and we have seen changes in my community. Our drains are maintained and roads have been repaired. I haven’t seen anyone campaigning but I will look out for the best candidate.’

Timothy Da Silva – West Demerara –  ‘I really don’t know a lot about it. I have heard that the elections would be later this year. I haven’t been following because you can get the elections and it is the same situation. Sometimes you don’t see any sort of development and you lose interest. They should come out and educate us more on it. Not everyone would understand the advertisements they have on the television. I was hearing one vote could make a difference, but nobody never explained how that can happen so we need people to come around and explain that to us. I think GECOM should put more into educating the people on this election.’

D. Persaud – West Demerara –  ‘I have heard of the elections and I might participate, but I will have to see how it is going to represent my community. I haven’t seen much developments. We have issues with the drains not being maintained with that we have a lot of weeds and the water is not draining. I think though people who are passionate about their community should take part in it and work to improve the lives of residents.’

Jamal Adams- West Demerara –  ‘I am aware of the elections. I voted last time but I don’t know as yet what will happen this year. I have seen some progress in my community like the roads and drains being repaired and maintained but I think if people are encouraged to clean their own drains and in front of their yards, the money spent on that can be diverted to other projects. I  haven’t been following what is happening. I have kind of lost interest in current affairs because you have to go for what you want.’

Sahadat Ally-Georgetown –  ‘Yes, definitely I plan on voting for the elections. So far I haven’t seen any preparations taking place in my community. Mostly I don’t be home, most of my time I’m at work and I would be there all day till late in the night. Basically now I don’t know exactly who contesting or campaigning because I haven’t had a chance to go around and see what’s happening really but I’m positive about voting.’

 Chandroutie Alfred – Georgetown – ‘I heard about the elections that coming up but I never vote on it before but I will when it comes around. I don’t really know who running for my area because I don’t really be home but I will ask around so I could know who running and make my decision when I’m ready to vote. I see some preparations for the elections going on and I’m happy about that.’

Eon McRay- Georgetown –  ‘I will for sure be voting at the upcoming local government elections. I think the persons so far are doing a good job. People thinking that things gonna happen very fast in the area but everything takes time, that’s why the right set of people have to be voted in to lead the community. A lot of things being put in place and Guyana as a whole getting better. I know things in my community gonna get better. I gotta vote, if I don’t vote what’s gonna happen?’


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