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Rex Lucas during a visit to the Kaieteur National Park – 2015

It is sometimes said that life imitates art and art portrays life. But what happens when a vision of life, love and happiness becomes a work of art? What happens when we are able to use the camera to capture just ‘one moment in time’, and then take that moment and transform it into a creation of relaxing beauty? Immediately, that ‘moment’ becomes a treasure that lasts a lifetime. That is what Rex Lucas does whenever he picks up his camera.

When Rex takes his camera and looks at nature, he sees life in all its beauty. When he looks at people through the lens of the camera, he sees love and kindness in their eyes. His creativity is then seen when he combines that loving moment in time with artistry and vision. On his website you’ll find a wide range of photographs that show nature (life), people (love), creativity and beauty. You will see portraits of individuals and families, sports and social events and of nature. Each image here displays its own intricate detail that draws the viewer in.

But it is in his original images that his creativity can be most clearly seen. Rex’s photographs truly are a window to his photographic prowess. He uses his unique ‘eye’ for nature to create pieces which, when retouched, can become visions of our own dreams, all things to all people. Panoramas that may well be epic paintings or superimpositions that take the eye on an entrancing journey through a myriad of colors, shapes and forms that capture the soul. Then there are the images that are heartbreakingly beautiful in their stunning simplicity. . .  an old church,  the tear filled eye of a bride, a sunny field under low clouds, a long country road, a tree, an empty beach, a flower or a mountain range, a simple road sign and of course, always, an old barn.They each, in their own way, have a story to tell, and Rex gives them a voice.

Rex’s photographs are all collectables. The precious wedding portrait/album; the photograph taken at a social event; the restored image of great grandma; the timeless images of children and of course, those sunsets that make us all dreamers.

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” Alfred Stieglitz, 1864 – 1946.

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