Bandits terrorise children during Mibicuri robbery

Bandits last Friday night carried out a daring robbery at the home of a Black Bush Polder (BBP), Corentyne farmer and escaped with over $2m in cash and jewellery.

Stabroek News was told that three masked men entered the Lot 13, Mibicuri South, BBP home sometime around 9pm. The men gained entry into the house by using a crowbar to open the backdoor on the bottom flat of the house.

At the time of the robbery, only the owner Rohit Ramnarine and his wife Lilowattie’s two children, 12 and 13 were at home. The parents had left for the Port Mourant Market where they vend.

After getting into the house, the men woke up the children and used a curtain to tie up the 12-year-old boy  and threatened to kill both  children if they did not hand over the valuables.

Fearing for their lives, the son took the men to the valuables. After they were not satisfied with the amount of cash they began to ransack the house. The bandits later found a quantity of jewellery in the house. They then escaped despite the police station being in close proximity to the house they robbed.

According to Ramnarine, who also operates a spare parts store, when he returned home the entire house had been ransacked. He said after the robbery he and his wife were informed and immediately travelled home to their children.

Police have since launched an investigation.

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