Five injured after Meer-Zorgen accident

The driver of a hire car and its four occupants are patients at the GPHC following a two-vehicle accident which occurred about 2.15 this morning on the Meer-Zorgen Public Road,WBD; their condition which was said to be serious is now reported as stable.

Those in hospital are the driver Vijay Bidoor,42,of Goed Fortuin,WBD; Amanda Rickyram,28,of Unity Street,La Grange,WBD; Gobin Dannyram,29,of 225 Goed Fortuin,WBD; Diana Chand,19,of Cemetery Road,Georgetown and Aslam Baksh, 24 of La Grange Old Road,WBD.

Enquiries disclosed that the driver of hire car HC 7477 said that he was proceeding south along the eastern carriageway of the road when hire car HB 4105 driven by the now hospitalized driver,which was proceeding in the opposite direction allegedly drove into his path and collided; as a result of the impact, the driver and occupants sustained injuries and were rushed to the WDRH in a semi-conscious condition where they were treated and transferred to the GPHC.

The driver of HC 7477 , 24 ,of Old Road,La Grange,WBD whose breath alcohol when tested was found to be below the legal limit, is in custody assisting with the investigation. Due to the condition of the driver who is hospitalized, investigators were unable to conduct a breathalyzer test. Investigation in progress.

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