Lights acquired for community grounds

The National Sports Commission’s ‘Light it up Campaign’ will continue as it has acquired a number of lights for community grounds across the country.

According to a release from the Department of Public Information (DPI), the  lights are expected to boost the night-time usage of the community grounds and multi-purpose centres.

Director of Sport Christopher Jones, during an interview with DPI, said that $6.5M was spent to acquire the 110 lights that will be distributed to various grounds across the country. Jones said that the prior to the purchasing of the lights, the National Sports Commission reached out to the various municipalities in a collaborative effort to acquire the lights. It was pointed out by the Sports Director that the only municipality that responded was the municipality of Lethem, Region Nine. Jones said that of the $6.5M, $2M was contributed by the Lethem Municipality.

The Sport Director stated that “by virtue of their collaboration with us, Lethem will receive a total of 38 lights … and the 38 lamps will facilitate all four or five grounds that are in Lethem. In 2018, it will see all of those grounds being lit.”

He further added, “The other lights that we have currently in the bond, there are several grounds that we would have identified throughout the year, so in 2018 we will see the distribution of those lights and we are hopeful that in 2018 with another availability of funds, we will purchase another allotment of lights, so that we can continue the light it up campaign.”

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