Man who jumped from overpass had been patient at Diamond Hospital

The Grove, East Bank man who jumped to his death from the Diamond overpass on Saturday afternoon, was said to have been receiving treatment at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, and was experiencing hallucinations in the moments prior to the act.

It was previously reported that Navin Surujpaul, 40, of Times Square, Grove, jumped from the walkway of the overpass around 4 pm on Saturday.

Although the circumstances surrounding his admittance to the hospital remain unclear, it was related yesterday that Surujpaul had been a patient after being admitted earlier that day and was in the process of receiving treatment for injuries he had sustained earlier.

A man who was at the family’s premises yesterday, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Surujpaul had been in a vehicular accident and had been beaten, hence his presence at the hospital at the time.

This could not be confirmed by Surujpaul’s father or brothers, however, who were unaware of the reason the man had been there in the first place. One of the brothers related that he had gotten a call that Navin was at the hospital, but by the time he arrived, Surujpaul had already died, and he was informed that the man had committed suicide.

They reported no history of mental issues.

The deceased’s father, Surujpaul Shewdin, said yesterday that according to doctors, his son claimed to have seen a man chasing him with a cutlass. He was told that Surujpaul pulled what sounded like IV lines from his arm, ran outside to the overpass, and committed the act.

Asked about the presence of guards at the hospital, the father said that Surujpaul had already run out of the compound and so they were unable to stop him.

Surujpaul was picked up by doctors and public-spirited citizens and taken back inside the hospital, where he was treated for the injuries sustained, but passed away shortly after.

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