Toddler reading programme to be launched

The Early Childhood Development Unit (ECD) of the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) is preparing to launch its back-to-basics toddler reading programme.

The toddlers reading programme is aimed at encouraging parents to read books with their preschool children, ECD’s Executive Officer, Lavern Thorne explained.

Thorne told the Department Public Information (DPI) during an interview that the programme was developed after it was recognised that a large number of children cannot read. 

She explained that while the children may not be able to say the words, by listening to their parents/ parent read they will develop their oral skills, as a result, the CPA is resolved in promoting this programme.

ECD’s Manager Concheeta Gray explained that the programme will be launched at over 300 health centres, and 360 childcare facilities across the country.  The childcare centres will also be required to establish a library or reading corner for the children.

“Zero-three is where the foundation years are laid and once a child has an interest in books at an early age, that child will have an interest in books continuously throughout life, so our licensing and registration officers will be going to health centres and will be pushing this reading programme countrywide,” Gray further clarified.

The programme will be officially launched by the end of January. Persons are encouraged to support the book drive by donating books to the Childcare and Protection Agen-cy’s Broad Street office. Parents can also call the agency on telephone number 227-4420 to uplift books.

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