Upgrades to Herstelling main access road underway

Work underway on the Herstelling Road (DPI photo)

Herstelling residents will soon be traversing on an asphalt road as the Ministry of Public Infrastructure begins upgrading the community’s main access road.

The Ministry’s Special Projects Unit (SPU) has begun its 2018 work programme in the community, with the construction of an asphaltic concrete road, designed to last for several years.

Foreman of the SPU, Marlon Mc Rae told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that due to the inclement weather works were postponed. He noted that the road was in a deplorable state and it is the aim of the Ministry to bring relief to the residents in the community.

“We were to come here two weeks ago but because of the weather we could not… but we are here now… We’re scarifying, putting about four-inch crusher run and will do asphalt concrete,” Mc Rae explained.

According to the community’s residents, for over 10 years the road was not rehabilitated. Rafman Mohamed, a resident for 16 years told DPI “we were suffering a lot on this road here for many years. We had gotten a road but not a proper road, when it rains it’s like you riding a wave in the river up and down. The NDC wrote a letter to the Minister and we’re thankful they accepted. It is a new year and we have a new road.”

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