Thirteen homeless after Mahdia fire

A family of thirteen is now homeless after their home in Mahdia (Potaro-Siparuni) went up in flames yesterday afternoon.

According to information reaching Stabroek News, Carol Motilall’s home on Waterdog Hilltop burned to the ground and now her husband, her 10 children and her grandson are now without a roof to stay under.

Her husband, Gordon Lindie confirmed the fire last night. And one of his daughters, who was home along with four of her other siblings and her nephew related that she was looking at television when she noticed smoke entering the house from the veranda.

“We were watching a movie and my younger brother and sister were sleeping when I saw the smoke first coming in the house,” the girl related. She explained that subsequently she noticed the smoke and she exited the house to see where it was coming from and eventually noticed that the veranda was on fire.

After noticing the fire she explained that she rushed inside to round up her siblings and wake two who were sleeping. However, when she returned to the living the room the fire had spread to other parts of the house and had become “too big”.

“So I hurry and rush them out the house and by the time we reach out the house the whole house was on fire,” the girl added.

Despite calling the Guyana Fire Service, which arrived some 15 minutes after, the family was unable to save anything from the fire. All furniture, books, clothes and important documents were burned to ashes and now they have nowhere to stay.

When questioned about what could’ve been the cause of the fire, the girl related that there is nothing in the veranda except a stereo set which might have been plugged in.

Motilall’s daughter added that now they are forced to stay in the backdam where her mother, a miner,  has ongoing mining operations.

Anyone willing to assist the family can contact them on 663-9478.

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