Burglars get 24 months for stealing contractor’s cement, tools

Two men, who admitted to stealing cement and tools from a contractor, were yesterday sentenced to two years in prison for the crime.

It was alleged that Mark Angus, 32, and Tony Singh, 27, between January 3rd and January 4th, at North Road, Lacytown, Georgetown, broke and entered the Paradise Hotel and stole 16 sacks of cement and a quantity of tools, valued at $40,060 in total. The goods were the property of Leon Goobardhan.

Both men pleaded guilty to the charge after it was read by Magistrate Judy Latchman in Georgetown.

According to the police, the hotel is presently under repair and the contractor, Goobardhan, left the items mentioned in the charge on the premises on January 3rd, 2018, and went home. On January 4th, around 3 am, a police patrol stopped Angus and Singh and questioned and searched them. This led to the discovery of the cement and tools. The men were then arrested, the prosecutor noted, and taken to Brickdam Police Station.

Around 8.30 am on the same day, Goobardhan reported the theft of his cement and tools to the Brickdam Police Station, where they were shown to him. Statements were taken, resulting in the charges against Angus and Singh.

Prior to sentencing the two men, Magistrate Latchman urged them to work hard and in an honest way for whatever they want to achieve in life. They were both sentenced to 24 months in jail.

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