Bandit sexually assaults woman during city home invasion

A woman was sexually assaulted during a home invasion in South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, by a gunman who threatened the lives of both her child and her boyfriend.

According to police, the invasion occurred around midnight on Friday, when the woman opened the door of her apartment for her boyfriend. The gunman, who had been holding him at gunpoint, entered with the boyfriend.

The gunman also dealt several kicks and cuffs to the boyfriend.

According to the police, once inside the apartment the gunman escorted the couple to the bedroom, where he asked for valuables. The gunman ransacked the room and collected a gold ring and a pair of earrings.

Afterward, the police said the man took the couple to another bedroom and directed the woman’s boyfriend to lie under the bed.  The gunman subsequently escorted the woman into the living room, where he instructed her to perform a sexual act and threatened to shoot her child and her boyfriend if she did not comply. The woman complied, police said.

Afterward, the gunman forced the woman to unplug her television and hand it to him. He then made a good escape.

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