Rebranded Demerara Bakery aiming to be major player

Managing Director of Demerara Bakery Kenneth Scrubb (second, from right) with founder of ActionCOACH Guyana Vishnu Doerga (first left) and others at Friday’s rebranding event.

Aiming to become a major player, Doolie’s Bakery has taken the step to rebrand itself Demerara Bakery.

“The rebranding of the company is a very symbolic move as we chart a new path for ourselves with a new brand, Demerara Bakery,” Managing Director of the company Kenneth Scrubb said at the unveiling of the new brand at a rebranding ceremony on Friday at the Theatre Guild in Georgetown.

With the rebranding, the company’s products will now be sold under the “DemBake” name. “DemBake speaks to our core values as we aim to please our customers by ensuring that they experience delicious memories in every bite,” Scrubb added.

Some of the rebranded ‘DemBake’ products.

Additionally, Scrubb noted that while the company’s fleet of sales trucks continue to deliver baked products daily across Guyana, it anticipates the introduction of more in the near future as the demand for its products increases.

“As Demerara Bakery pursues international certification and continues to modernise its operations over the next year, continued partnership with our retailers across the country will allow serving more of Guyana at increasingly better levels,” he added.

Located at Land of Canaan on the East Bank of Demerara, the company has been in operation for the last four years and employs over 80 skilled Guyanese. The company is known for its quality products, including breads, cakes and a host of pastries.

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