Subryanville residents opposed to indoor gun range

Several residents of Subryanville have voiced objections to the development of a commercial Indoor Gun Range at Lot 2 & 4 Subryanville, Georgetown, Guyana.

Notice of this gun range was provided in an advertisement from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Stabroek News of November 24, 2017. The project is in the name of Jules Singh.

In a letter in Saturday’s Stabroek News,  Aisha Fraites, Bonita Harris, Colin Cholmondely, Damian Fernandes, Elizabeth Deane-Hughes, Eva Rawana-Scott and Faye Clark expressed their opposition to the project.

“We understand that the EPA has concluded there is no need for an Environmental Impact Assessment. The EPA did not indicate its capacity and methodology to evaluate the proposed design of indoor gun ranges to deal with noise pollution, dispose of any of the hazardous waste, and to determine the security of the weaponry which could cause harm to human life.

“Subryanville, and the neighbouring Fraserville are not commercial zones. The infrastructure for drainage is fragile. Roads are narrow and made for residential use. The residents of Subryanville and Fraserville have suffered from the flooding resulting from the damage caused by the construction and heavy usage of the infrastructure for commercial use.

“We expect that all of the relevant agencies (Ministry of Communities, Ministry of Public Security, Mayor and City Council, CH&PA) will find or propose suitable alternative venues for the Indoor Gun Range”, the residents stated.

The letters said that the residents through civil agitation had managed to get a written undertaking from the Guyana Geology & Mines Commission which moved into the residential neighbourhood, that they will seek alternative accommodation before the expiry of their lease in 2018.

“Kindly note we are willing to take all necessary action should the covenants on our transports not be respected”, the residents declared.

According to information received by Stabroek News, the company’s target audience would include licensed firearm individuals, security companies, the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defence Force, members of the Guyana National Rifle Association and other military and paramilitary organisations in the Caribbean.

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