Customs broker, wife robbed of gun, valuables in home invasion

An elderly couple was on Saturday evening attacked and robbed of their licensed firearm and over $1.5M in cash and jewellery when gunmen invaded their Hadfield Street, Lodge house.

During the ordeal which occurred around 11pm, Watson Gray, 61, a customs broker was gun-butted to his head.

The two masked men, who were both armed with handguns, carted off  a .32 pistol, 100 live rounds, $1.1M worth in gold jewellery, an undisclosed amount of cash and two cell phones belonging to Gray and his wife, Veronica Griffith.

Stabroek News understands that the couple was asleep in their Lot 26 Hadfield Street, Lodge house when Gray was awoken by a slap to his face and a voice stating, “we come to kill you. Where is the gun?” One of the bandits, broke open the door to a wardrobe in their bedroom and took out the firearm and ammunition while his accomplice gun-butted Gray and relieved him and Griffith of the other valuables.

The men then made good their escape. An alarm was raised and the police were summoned. It is suspected that the bandits gained entry into the house through the verandah door which was left opened.

When Stabroek News visited the couple’s house yesterday, Gray was not at home and Griffith declined to comment on the incident.

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