IDB bars key local contractor for alleged `fraudulent and collusive practices’

Key local contractor Vevakanand Dalip Enterprise and its principal Vevakanand Dalip have been barred from Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) contracts for 13 years for alleged fraudulent and collusive practices.

The banning is reported on the IDB’s website and runs from December 29, 2017 to December 28, 2030.

The IDB said that firms listed in this manner have been sanctioned by the IDB Group’s Sanctions Committee because they were found to have engaged in fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion, or obstruction in violation of the IDB Group’s anti-corruption policies. These findings were made through an administrative process that permitted the accused firms and/or individuals to respond to the allegations pursuant to the Sanctions Procedures. Sanctions are meant to prevent and deter fraud and corruption in IDB Group-financed activities.

The website said that the Sanctions Committee may impose any sanction that it deems to be appropriate under the circumstances, including but not limited to reprimand, conditions on future contracting and debarment. It said that debarred firms are declared ineligible to be awarded and participate in any IDB-financed contract for the periods indicated.

It added that “Ineligibility may extend to any firm or individual who directly or indirectly controls the debarred firm or any firm which the debarred firm directly or indirectly controls. In the case of a debarred individual, ineligibility may extend to any firm which the debarred individual directly or indirectly controls”.

Also barred from IDB contracts for 13 years is Guyanese, Sabrina Mary Williams

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