Guyhoc woman gets 3 years, $18M fine over cocaine in hammocks

Tiffini Collison, the woman who was accused of trying to mail four hammocks soaked in cocaine last year, was yesterday found guilty of the crime and sentenced to three years and nine months in jail and fined $18.2 million.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan handed down the sentence and the fine at the conclusion of Collison’s trial in Georgetown.

The charge against Collison, 26, of F 21 Guyhoc Park, stated that on September 20th, 2017, at DHL in Alberttown, she trafficked 6.742 kilogrammes of cocaine.

Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford prosecuted the matter, while Collison was represented by attorney Stanley Moore.

Tiffini Collison

In making her ruling yesterday, Chief Magistrate McLennan noted that she accepted the evidence that Collison posted the cocaine and disbelieved her claim that she had no knowledge of the drugs since she received the bag containing the hammocks under suspicious circumstances.

The evidence indicated that Collison received the bag on a road corner from a friend in a car.

It was also noted that having heard that CANU was looking for her, Collison attempted to call the persons who gave her the bag.

Based upon these circumstances, Collison was found guilty of the crime.

In mitigation, Moore urged the court to be lenient with his client since she was only a “small fry” and that the bigger fish is still out there.

The Chief Magistrate subsequently sentenced and fined Collison, while noting that she took into consideration the time the accused would have spent on remand. The $18,203,400 fine is equivalent to three times the value of the cocaine.

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