Cops accused of station rape under close arrest at TSU

The two policemen accused of raping a Sophia woman at the Turkeyen Police Station on New Year’s Day have been transferred to the Tactical Services Unit (TSU), where they remain under close arrest.

This is according to Divisional Commander Calvin Brutus, who told Stabroek News yesterday that the police are still awaiting legal advice in the matter.

After completing the investigation, police sent the file to the force’s legal adviser, retired Justice Claudette Singh, whose input will guide how the force proceeds in the case. However, a police source explained to Stabroek News that when ranks are implicated in any criminal offence, they are usually transferred from their respective assignments to the TSU, where they are placed under close arrest until legal advice is received.

Public Relations Officer Jairam Ramlakhan had told this newspaper that the woman went to the station to lodge a report against an individual who threw squib at her son.

While there, she requested to use the washroom and was directed to one on the top flat, where she was later allegedly attacked by the constables.

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