Hailing contributions of Chinese, President says new arrivals welcome

Emphasising the cultural and economic contributions of the Chinese people on the 165th Anniversary of their arrival on these shores, President David Granger yesterday welcomed the new wave of migrants from China and said it was a testament to the strong ties between Georgetown and Beijing.

By way of an Executive Notice issued by the President last year, January 12th has been designated Chinese Arrival Day, making yesterday’s celebration at the Windsor Forest Primary School compound, where the Chinese Arrival Monument is located, the first of its kind in local history.

Windsor Forest has traditionally been home to large numbers of Chinese and the primary school there was selected to host the event, which was attended by the President and First Lady, Sandra Granger, several Ministers of Government, the Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy and a delegation of Chinese officials.

Delivering the feature address, President Granger stated that ….