Murdered Korner Kick manager received death threats -mother

Tevin Parris

The mother of murdered Korner Kick manager Tevin Parris says that he was fearful for his life since he had received death threats in the past and she believes that he may have been killed due to greed and envy.

“One thing I did know for sure is that my son was fearful for his life because he would have got several calls about coming in at Korner Kick and all these things,” Natasha Bernard said yesterday. “Sometimes he would got to switch cars, he would sleep and whatever… so, I don’t know. I am not pointing fingers at anybody; I am not god but I know that god is there,” Bernard added.

Parris, 21, of Lot 66 Garnett Street, Newtown, Kitty, Georgetown, was discovered dead in his house with a gunshot wound to his head on Monday morning.

Stabroek News was told that Parris’ lifeless body was discovered in a bedroom located in the upper flat of his house by an uncle around 8.20 am on Monday.

A gun was found next to his body although he was not a licensed firearm holder.

A man, said to be a friend of Parris, was taken into custody for questioning on Wednesday. He remained in custody up to yesterday afternoon. It is suspected that the gun that was found belongs to him.

While the police had initially said Parris’ death was being treated as a suicide, a murder probe was launched following an autopsy on Wednesday.

The police, in a statement had said that the autopsy revealed that Parris died as a result of “a single gunshot, where the warhead entered his right nostril and exited the middle of the head.”

“It was not self-inflicted,” the statement added.

Bernard was among the family members who were convinced from inception that Parris didn’t take his own life and had called for a thorough investigation.

Bernard said that her son was envied because people thought he was succeeding too fast for his young age. “He works really hard, two jobs, studying to become a doctor and all, running Korner Kick. So, even if he was that kind of way and it appears as though he had money or whatever, he worked for every cent and he had people there  to support him financially, emotionally in everything,” she explained.

Bernard said her son’s killer/s had to be known to him since he was a very quiet, friendly and free-handed individual. “He would share and he would give his last,” she noted.

As it relates to getting into arguments, she said Parris was an introvert and was known to walk away from trouble. “I could remember the few times Tevin had to fight and it was to represent me. He hates when someone try to get disrespectful to me. Besides that, he always walk away even though he was a fighter but never with people and so forth,” the grieving woman further related.

Bernard recalled that she last saw Parris alive the night before his death and he showed no signs that something was bothering him. “…He and I were like friends, so if something was bothering him I would be all up in his face and he showed no signs of distress, no signs of pressure, so I knew it was not suicide and I prayed and I told everyone that god was going to give me justice and it has already started,” she explained.

Bernard added that her son was full of life and had a lot of plans. “He even paid off for this year semester. He was on the verge of completing his grandparents’ home in Garnett Street. He had plans. He had a whole lot of plans. He even told me he would have made me a rich old woman, which he would have already started and so forth,” she said.

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