Heavy winds, rain zap power to East Coast, West Bank

GPL says that some of its customers on the West Coast and East Bank of Demerara experienced unusually lengthy power cuts as a result of heavy winds and rain last evening and early this morning.

At 11:53 pm yesterday, a line fault at 5th Avenue, Diamond, EBD resulted in service interruption within the Diamond Housing Scheme; while at 3 this morning, a burnt high voltage main at Crane Village, WCD caused power outages from Windsor Forest to Best Village.

A thorough inspection of the affected areas and identification of the faults could not be accomplished until daylight and improvement in weather conditions.

On completion of remedial works, power was restored to the West Coast Demerara at 08:35hrs and Diamond EBD at approximately 09:30hrs.

GPL offered apologies to its customers who were affected by these events.


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