Cops seek six suspects over De Velde shooting

Police in ‘B’ Division are searching for six suspects in connection with the recent shooting at De Velde, in the Berbice River.

Police have said that from a preliminary investigation, the attack on the Lindie family last Wednesday night was linked to an apparent dispute among several alleged ganja farmers.

Commander of the Division Lyndon Alves told Stabroek News that the police were able to acquire the names of six suspects. He explained that searches were made at the given addresses of the men but lawmen were unsuccessful in arresting any of the suspects. According to Alves the men reside within central Berbice.

Following the shooting at the homes of Kenrick Lindie and his son, Reyon Lindie, a party of policemen, led by Deputy Commander of the Division Edmond Cooper, visited the area on Friday and their investigation determined that there was no robbery.

Stabroek News had reported that based on information provided by Kenrick Lindie, the the attack was a robbery.

Lindie had said the gunmen fired shots wildly after he sounded an alarm to alert his neighbours to the presence of the six men.

He had said that the men fired several shots into the air to scare off residents who were putting on their torchlights to see what was happening.

He also said his daughter-in-law, Patrina Lindie, was wounded by a pellet, while the windows of his home were shattered. He had told this newspaper that the men ransacked his house and took away some items. Afterward, he said, they dragged his wife out of the house and took her over to his son’s home. There, he related, his son refused to open his door but handed over a quantity of cash to the men.

The senior Lindie said the men then escaped in a boat.

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