Hugo Chavez Centre for homeless now fully self-sufficient

The Hugo Chavez Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintegration at Onverwagt, Region Five (DPI photo)

The Hugo Chavez Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintegration, is fully self-sufficient, following the successful implementation of a programme launched in June 2017, according to the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Minister of Social Pro-tection, Amna Ally yesterday visited the facility at Onverwagt, Region Five, where she lauded the project. Named for the late Venezuelan President Hug Chavez, the Centre which is one of the main food suppliers to State benevolent centres, produces organic vegetables, chicken and fish.

Ally said that in less than a year, the centre was able to produce and supply chickens to Centres such as the Palms, the Mahaica Children’s Home, and the Mahaica Hospital. 

“I am proud of the facility’s self-sufficiency. What I love about this programme is that we have our agencies being the beneficiaries of this project …and I am very proud and happy that this is a seven-and-a-half-month achievement since the president commissioned this facility. It is a very proud moment for us,” Ally told the media.

DPI said that the project also forms part of the reintegration programme for the more than 80 residents at the facility, who are being trained in the field of agriculture and farming.

Ally also took the opportunity to express gratitude to the agencies who played a role in bringing the project to fruition. These include; the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Guyana Livestock Development Authority, the National Agricultural Research & Extension Institute, Food for the Poor (Guyana) Incor-porated, the Mahaica, Mahai-cony, Abary-Agricultural Development Authority and a number of private sector companies and individuals.

According to DPI, the Economic Centre has three fish ponds along with several pens filled with livestock and poultry including ducks, chicken and sheep, and a shade house where a number of crops are planted including tomatoes and peppers and other vegetables. There is also a modern plucking machine.

Ally was accompanied by Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, Govern-ment’s Regional Member (MP) of Parliament, Jennifer Wade and other officials.

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