Two remanded over gun, ammo found in Festival House

Two men were on Friday remanded to prison by a city magistrate over alleged gun and ammunition possession.

Darren Favorite and Carl Lockhart were alleged to have had in their possession a .38 pistol without being licensed firearm holders on January 17th, 2018, at Festival City. It was also alleged that they had in their possession two .38 rounds of ammunition without being holder of firearm licences.

Favorite, a construction worker, and Lockhart, a video editor, pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Lockhart’s attorney, James Bond, stated that the place where the firearm was found was an open space and that his client had no knowledge or control of the said firearm.

Favorite’s attorney stated that the firearm was found in a home that belongs to his client’s father. He also stated that his client had no knowledge or control of the firearm.

However, the prosecutor stated that the police received certain information and went to the home, which was searched in both the defendants’ presence. The firearm and ammunition were found in a suitcase in a bedroom of the home. They were the only two persons in the home at the time.

After hearing the submissions, Magistrate Fabayo Azore denied bail and adjourned the matter until January 26th.

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