City probing beating of Marlon Fredericks – Chief Constable

Adami Hoyte, was seen kicking Marlon Fredericks the day before he was shot dead.

The city constabulary says it is currently investigating the assault on vendor Marlon Fredericks, one day before he was shot to death allegedly by a constable who is now facing a manslaughter charge.

Though Fredericks is dead and therefore an assault charge cannot be brought against the man who was seen kicking him in his head on January 13th while a city constable held him down, the brutality has raised questions about the way city constables conduct themselves and what internal disciplinary measures should be taken against those involved.  A key part of the investigation is the identity of the kicker. Chief Constable Andrew Foo told Stabroek News that as the investigation continues, efforts are being made to identify the perpetrator of the act. He pleaded with members of the public who may have any information on the identity of the assailant to contact the city constabulary.  Stabroek News has been told that the perpetrator is ex-police officer Adami Hoyte who was interdicted from the force some time ago. Why the constable allowed Hoyte to repeatedly kick Fredericks would be one of the issues the constabulary would have to investigate.

Marlon Fredericks

Fredericks, 33, of Tiger Bay, was fatally shot on January 14 after he allegedly attempted to flee from the constabulary outpost at Bourda, where he had been detained. One day prior to his death, chaos unfolded on Robb Street after Fredericks had allegedly disarmed a member of the city constabulary in a bid to thwart his arrest.

In a video seen by this newspaper, Hoyte was seen constantly kicking Fredericks in his head. Reports had revealed that Hoyte was in the vicinity and he intervened to “assist” the city constables in the arrest of the suspect.

The bloodied Fredericks and the constable were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where both were treated. The constable was sent away after treatment while Fredericks was detained for observation. He was released later into the custody of constables at the Bourda Outpost. He was fatally shot the next day.   The police, in a statement on the shooting, had said Fredericks, who was in custody at the outpost for assaulting a peace officer and simple larceny, allegedly forced his way outside of the lockups, when it was opened to let out another prisoner to use the toilet. It was then, the statement added, that a struggle ensued between the victim and the Lance Corporal, who tried to restrain him.  In the process, it said Fredericks ran out of the outpost and was fatally shot once in the lower back by the Lance Corporal, who was armed with a service pistol.

At the time of the shooting, Frederick’s mother, aunt and a cousin had gone to visit him.

Claudette Fredericks, Fredericks’ mother, previously told Stabroek News that when her son saw her, he began to run and tried to jump the counter to get to where they were.

She added that he was unable to do so and so instead he crawled under the counter and ran out of the outpost, despite her asking him not to run.

Claudette stated that she heard a shot and thought that it was fired as a warning because Marlon turned around. However, she then watched as he fell to the ground.

Gregory Bascom, 50, the city policeman who allegedly shot and killed Fredericks was last Thursday charged with manslaughter and released on $800,000 bail.

The matter was adjourned to February 12.

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