Felon’s request for prison time granted

A man was yesterday sentenced to one month in prison after requesting to be sent to prison.

The charge against Jason Yearwood alleged that on January 23rd, at Vlissengen Road, he attempted to commit a felony.

Yearwood pleaded guilty to the charge.

The prosecutor’s facts stated that on the said date at about 10:00hrs, the complainant, an employee of Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), parked her vehicle and secured it. At about 16:00hrs she returned to the vehicle and found the accused sitting in the driver’s seat. She raised an alarm and Yearwood was apprehended by GWI’s internal security and handed over to the police.

Yearwood stated that he was not in the car and did not take anything out of the car. The city Magistrate stated that she would have to enter a not guilty plea after he gave that statement. Yearwood then said, “Your worship I begging for a guilty plea, I want spend a time in prison, I don’t have any family to pay any bail”.

Magistrate Fabayo Azore accepted his guilty plea and imposed a fine of $25,000 or one month in prison. Yearwood then stated that he would serve the one month in prison.

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