Hand-en-Veldt residents receiving water

Residents of Hand-en-Veldt, Mahaica, are receiving water for the first, through an intervention by the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), according to the Department of Public Information.

GWI has expended $3.3M to run pipelines in the community so that residents can receive water.

In an interview with DPI, Engineer Technician, GWI, East Coast of Demerara, Carl Philadelphia said works commenced last year and were completed in December.

However, “some persons didn’t manage to get the service into their homes because of some financial constraints; but, they managed to get the paperwork and money in place so we have just completed the final installation,” Philadelphia said.

Residents in the community told DPI that it has been over a decade they were without pipelines and resorted to purchasing water or using treated creek water for their daily activities.

They are currently receiving a 24-hour supply of approximately five pounds per square inch (psi) in water pressure.

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