Region Five councillor gets bail on wounding charge

A Region Five APNU+AFC councillor was yesterday placed on $100,000 bail on a wounding charge when he appeared at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court.

Abel Seetaram, 36, of Lot 121 B Woodley Park Village, West Coast Berbice (WCB) was read the charge that on Sunday, January 21 he allegedly committed a felonious wounding on Nateram Rabindranauth, 54, a vendor of Lot 64 A Woodley Park Village, WCB.

Seetaram was not required to plead to the charge and was placed on $100,000 bail.

He will return to court on February 7.

Seetaram was placed under arrest after he allegedly used a piece of wood to injure Rabindranauth, who is his cousin.

Rabindranauth had told Stabroek News, that on Sunday around 7 pm he saw his son and Seetaram’s son “in a lil scramble”. Rabindranauth said he decided to “part” the lads when Seetaram arrived at the scene  and allegedly “lash me with a piece of wood…When he come me been between them two boys a part them and he run up and just start lash me”.

Abel Seetaram

The two lads were also held for questioning and were subsequently released.

The chips vendor was rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital after he sustained a broken jaw, fractured nose and suffered internal bleeding.

He was then transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was a patient for some time and then released. According to a relative, Rabindranauth is presently home, however, he is experiencing pain and is still bleeding from his nose, something he is closely monitoring.

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