Bandits rob Port Mourant families

Ahilyah Kunjebehari

Between Wednesday evening and early yesterday morning, bandits robbed two Port Mourant, Corentyne families of a quantity of household items, cash and jewellery.

The attacks took place on separate families living houses apart in the same street.

Ahilyah Kunjebehari, 67, of Lot 270 Ankerville Housing Scheme, Port Mourant explained that on Wednesday around 7 pm she was sitting in her veranda at the front of her house when she saw two men, one armed with a gun and another with a piece of pipe, rushing into her yard. “Them point the gun [at] abie and tell abie don’t move or them go shoot,” the woman recalled.

Kunjebehari noted that at the time of the robbery her granddaughter and her grandson along with her granddaughter’s baby were at the home with her. “One hold the gun a’ me head and the other one rush in the house. The small boy [her grandson] was going with the one inside and the next one tell he ‘come here before me shoot you’ and the boy come back and sit down,” she noted.

Where the gas stoves were stolen from

The men, who were masked and dressed in all black, escaped with four gold rings, a pair of earrings, a chain, eight bangles, a Samsung Tablet and US$600 in cash after ransacking the woman’s house

Meanwhile, a few houses away, several men broke into a resident’s kitchen and carted off two gas stoves, with gas bottles, an electric saw and other items.

According to Priya Singh, she woke up yesterday morning and discovered persons had broken into her exterior kitchen and carted off the items. Upon investigating, she discovered that her surveillance cameras around her house were shifted to face “the ground.” However, neighbours, she added, informed her that they saw several men jumping over her fence around 2 am.

The police have launched an investigation but up to yesterday afternoon no one was arrested.

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