Greenidge to head delegation to India

-Guyana to sign solar alliance agreement

Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, will lead a delegation, including Minister of Natural Resources,  Raphael Trotman, to India for a meeting of the Guyana-India Joint Commission and for Inter-Ministerial Consultations scheduled for January 29 to February 3.

A release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday said that the visit will provide an opportunity for the two States to further expand relations through political dialogue as well as for the fostering of economic and cultural cooperation. The Joint Commission enables talks between the two countries on all aspects of bilateral relations while the Inter-Ministerial Consultations allow for dialogue in areas of common interest. While in India, the release said that Greenidge is expected to sign and ratify the Framework Agreement on the establishment of the International Solar Alliance, a platform through which sun-rich countries collectively address challenges on the use of solar energy. This will aid Guyana’s efforts to establish a “Green Economy”, including through its renewable energy sector. Also scheduled for signature is a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)  on the cultural exchange programme between the two Governments.

In 2016, the two States signed an MOU, for the creation of a Centre of Excellence in Information Technology.

Formal diplomatic relations between Guyana and India were established on May 26, 1966.

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