Traffic lights back on at Carifesta, Vlissengen junction

One of the traffic lights at the junction of Carifesta Avenue and Vlissingen Road working again yesterday afternoon.

Following a report in this newspaper, the traffic lights have been turned back on at the Vlissengen Road and Carifesta Avenue junction.

The traffic lights at the intersection had been turned off months ago after the Ministry of Public Infrastructure embarked on infrastructural works around the area. Even after the works had been completed and the road was reopened for traffic the lights were not reactivated which drivers had told Stabroek News was making it difficult to use the intersection.

Yesterday, the lights were restored.

“That’s the best they do since the year start. This place used to be real hectic when them lights wasn’t working. Everybody used to want to go first especially them bus man racing down Carifesta. They don’t stop for nobody so now they don’t have a choice and have to stop,” a driver who identified himself as Jason Peters said.

Other road users also expressed similar sentiments and praised the Ministry for restoring the lights, which they say will increase safety around the area.

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