Police complaints office burglarised

Burglars broke into Brickdam office of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) sometime between Thursday afternoon and yesterday morning and carted off over $200,000 in electronics.

The burglars ransacked the Lot 59 Brickdam, Stabroek office and escaped with a laptop, two cell phones and a Wi-Fi router. Stabroek News has learned that on Thursday afternoon, the office was secured by means provided with the items intact. An office assistant who reported for work yesterday morning discovered the break-in.

Checks were made and it was found that three offices were ransacked and that items were missing.

It is suspected that the burglars gained entry through a window.

The police were summoned and managed to obtain several fingerprints.

An investigation has been launched and the police are currently in the process of reviewing surveillance footage recorded by security cameras at the building.

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