Bandit on crutch robs Friendship shopkeepers

A Friendship, East Bank Demerara businessman and his wife were robbed yesterday morning by two men, including one who walked with the aid of a crutch.

Some $400,000 in cash and over $1 million in jewellery were stolen from Rajnauth James, 60, and his wife, who operate a bottom house shop at their First Street, Friendship home.

James told Stabroek News that sometime around 10.30 am, the two perpetrators, including the man with the crutch, who would often visit and ask for assistance, went to the shop. “He always come here with a crutch and bandage over his foot. He would ask for a small change and I would give because he said he can’t work because he was in an accident,” the shop owner noted.

According to James, the men ordered a Guinness and an XL energy drink. He said as he was serving the men, they whipped out their guns.

“I open the gate to hand them the Guinness and the XL and they pull out the gun, rushed into the shop behind the counter and started to demand money and gold,” he recounted.

The men, after gaining entry, ransacked the couple’s house as they searched for cash and jewellery.

James said as they made threats to kill him, his wife told him to hand over their valuables and he complied.

He added that the men went away with jewellery that belonged to him, his wife and children.

After carrying out the daring robbery, the men fled in a waiting silver Toyota Bluebird car, police said. The entire attack lasted for five to six minutes.

James, who noted that police responded promptly after being summoned to the scene, also said that during the ordeal he was gun-butted and he had to seek medical attention as a result.

The shop owner pointed out that it was the first time he had been robbed. He explained that while he operates the shop to supplement his income, his children still support him and his wife.

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