Herbalist among duo remanded after Port Kaituma drug bust

Terry Sampson

An herbalist and a shop owner were yesterday both remanded to prison on charges that they had over 150 drug pipes as well as quantities of cocaine, hashish and methamphetamines, which were found in a house at the Port Kaituma Water Front, in Region One.

Terry Sampson, 58, and Michael Taylor, 42, both of Port Kaituma Water Front, were read three joint charges by Magistrate Judy Latchman, while Taylor was charge separately with cocaine possession.

A joint charge alleged that on January 31st, 2018, at Port Kaituma Water Front, both men had 155 improvised pipes used for smoking cocaine.

Michael Taylor

They were also charged jointly with having 4.5 grammes of hashish as well as with having 4 grammes of methamphetamines in their possession.

Sampson, who police have said is an herbalist, and Taylor, a shop owner, both denied the charges read to them.

Taylor was also read a separate charge, which stated that on the same date and at the same location he had 83.5 grammes of cocaine in his possession for trafficking.

Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore told the court that on the day in

Some of the pipes and hashish that were found in the Port Kaituma house

question, around 5.40 pm, a search was carried out on the premises shared by the men and the smoking utensils were found. The police later discovered the drugs. The methamphetamine were found in capsules and tablets.

According to Moore, the two men admitted ownership of the drugs and the smoking utensils but stated that the tablets found were vitamins. He said they also claimed that they used the cocaine for their stomach.

Having heard from the prosecutor, Magistrate Latchman granted both men $50,000 bail on the charge over the smoking utensils but remanded them on the drug possession charges.

The proceedings were then adjourned until February 6th, when hearings are slated before the Chief Magistrate.


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