Pump attendants at McDoom gas station robbed again

Pump attendants at the Shell Gas Station at McDoom were robbed at gunpoint last evening by a lone gunman.

Police said around 7 pm, the robber casually walked into the gas station and carried out the attack on three female pump attendants, who were robbed of almost $60,000 in total.

The gunman subsequently escaped on foot.

After a report, police responded and launched an investigation, during which several persons were questioned. Surveillance camera footage was also reviewed but police were unable to identify the suspect.

The gas station has been robbed on numerous occasions, forcing the owner to reduce the operating hours.

In November last year, an undisclosed amount of cash was taken from three female pump attendants by a lone gunman.

The attack occurred around 10 pm and was similar in nature to the one last night.

The gunman was dressed in camouflage clothing and his face was partially concealed by a hat. He held the women at gunpoint, relieved them of the cash they had in their possession and then escaped on foot.

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