South R’veldt Park man flushes cocaine during CANU raid

A quantity of the suspected cocaine that was retrieved

A South Ruimveldt Park resident was taken into custody on Friday evening after a search of his residence uncovered a quantity of cocaine, some of which he reportedly flushed down his toilet.

Ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) conducted the raid, which lasted for several hours, at the Blue Sackie Drive, South Ruimveldt Park, Georgetown home of the man, who is said to be a relative of a late well-known drug trafficker.

Sunday Stabroek was told by a source that upon being alerted that his house was about to be searched, the resident attempted to flush some of the cocaine down the toilet.

However, ranks managed to retrieve a small quantity from the pipes leading to the septic tank.

Several traces of suspected cocaine residue were also discovered in various parts of the house.

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