Ulverston mother of five loses cancer battle

Arlene Marcia Tyndall

Arlene Marcia Tyndall, the cancer-stricken Ulverston Village, Corentyne mother of five, whose story inspired an outpouring of public support last December, has died.

Tyndall, 31, passed away minutes after 10 am yesterday.

Sunday Stabroek was told that she was surrounded by her children when she took her last breath.

Although relatives knew that Tyndall’s health was slowly deteriorating, they wailed in grief as her body was being removed from her home yesterday.

Relatives said that in January, Tyndall, who had declared herself a “fighter” after being diagnosed with stage-three cervical cancer last July, took a turn for the worse.

This newspaper had reported on Tyndall’s condition in late December, after a Capitol News report on her plight prompted a flood of local and overseas support for her.

Tyndall, who was in high spirits despite being in intense pain, had said she would continue to do all that she could to stay alive for the sake of her family. “I still have my children to live for and God to live for,” the woman had declared.

In the interview, she had explained that she felt the pain medication that was being administered to her was no longer working as it should because the pain was taking over her body.

As Tyndall stood under her house and spoke, it was evident that she was experiencing intense pain, as she could barely stand still. “I feel like it biting me, the pain is bad, but I am a fighter,” she declared.

She had noted that she hardly ate or slept due to the disease.

Tyndall is survived by her common-law husband, Kurleigh Hooper, 37, and their five children.

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