Minibus topples at Providence

The driver of a minibus escaped unhurt after it toppled along the Providence Public Road, East Bank Demerara on Saturday after he reportedly swerved to avoid hitting a motorcycle.

The accident which occurred around 12.45 pm in the vicinity of the Princess Ramada Hotel resulted in a buildup in traffic along the East Bank Public Road.

The route 42 minibus which bore a trade plate marked Akbar 1, uprooted a utility pole and came to a halt after toppling on its side.

The top of the minibus was also flattened and the windows and windscreen were completely destroyed.

An eyewitness told Stabroek News that he was seated under his stall when a motorcycle drove out of Red Road, Providence onto the East Bank Public Road and into the path of the minibus which was proceeding north along the public road.

He said in an effort to avoid slamming into the motorcycle, the driver of the minibus swerved and collided with the utility pole.

The police were summoned to the scene and the minibus was placed into a canter and removed from the scene.

The mangled minibus being taken away from the scene.

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