Ram and McRae launching guide to petroleum operations

Accounting and professional services firm, Ram and McRae will be launching a publication titled ‘2018 Guide to Petroleum Operations in Guyana’ tomorrow.

Speaking to Stabroek News yesterday, Rakesh Latchana, Partner, Ram & McRae, said that they will be launching the guide at Guyana’s 1st Official International Oil and Gas Summit & Expo on Wednesday and it will cost US$25.

“The Oil and Gas Conference is starting on Wednesday and it’s obviously a very topical issue here in Guyana, the Industry on a whole and a lot of the entities and people call our office and have standard questions and this gives the opportunity to answer those questions,” Latchana said.

He said  that the guide will have a  brief overview of the country/economy; an overview of the oil and gas exploration areas; a timeline of exploration in Guyana; the legal framework applicable to the oil and gas sector; taxation and immigration rules generally applicable; a comparative analysis of taxation rules showing how the general rules apply to various players in the industry and a directory of useful contacts.

He added that the guide should assist companies and other investors with understanding how usual rules have been modified to suit activities in the Oil and Gas Industry and will also include a list of the relevant government agencies and their contact information.

OIL AND GAS GUIDE: The cover of the guide.

“There are of course potential dangers to the country if we do not engage in responsible and environmentally friendly processes and procedures for exploring those resources. We enjoin everyone to join with us, fairly and transparently, in developing our resources. Ram & McRae is a national firm operating in an international environment,” Christopher Ram, Managing Partner of Ram and McRae was quoted as saying in the introductory remarks in the guide.

“We stand ready to provide international oil companies and their contractors not only with information and advice on the applicable laws and practices, but also to provide them with the wide range of services which they will require to operate efficiently, seamlessly and profitably in this new environment. We invite you to make full use of our services and let us together help in developing an oil and gas sector that will stand as a model to the world,” Ram added.

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