12 teachers request transfer from NA school

Twelve of the 29 teachers of the New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) have sought transfers amid divisions, including racial tension, and the parent-teacher body is seeking a meeting with the education minister.

This matter was recently addressed by Chairman of Region Six David Armogan, who is of the opinion that no teacher or student should be transferred unless and until the underlying matters are properly addressed. According to Armogan, it is long overdue for the Ministry of Education to not only investigate the matter but to also come up with solutions to the problems affecting the teachers there.

According to information gathered, a meeting was held with 29 teachers of the high school and the president of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in early January, 2018, where racial tension, mismanagement of finances and the school’s leadership were among the main issues discussed. The following day a meeting was held at the school with parents, where they were informed of the ongoing issues.

Armogan stressed at a ….