Angoy’s Avenue man robbed of $1M in cash, jewellery during home invasion

A resident of Angoy’s Avenue, on the outskirts of New Amsterdam, Berbice, was robbed of a quantity of cash and jewellery after three men, armed with knives, attacked him at his home.

With the assistance of public-spirited citizens, one of the suspects has since been placed into custody.

Jimmy Mohabir, 32, of Lot A, Ogleton Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, was robbed of $350,000 in cash, three gold chains, valued at $300,000, and four gold bands valued at $400,000.

Stabroek News was told that Mohabir was asleep when he was awakened by a loud noise inside of his two-storey wooden and concrete building, sometime around 2 am on Wednesday morning. Upon checking for the noise, Mohabir was confronted by three persons, who are known to him. A scuffle ensued between the men and Mohabir sustained a minor injury.

The three perpetuators then decided to make their escape through the main door. However, one of the thieves fell on the stairs, and was caught by public-spirited persons.

Meanwhile, the suspect in custody denied the allegation for hours before providing the police with a statement confessing of his involvement in the crime.

Commander of ‘B’ Division, Lyndon Alves later stressed that the police are on the hunt for the other two suspects as the investigation continues.

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