Equipment for 2020 oil operations arrives

-onshore support base ahead of schedule

The Intermarine vessel.

The first shipment of equipment for use in Guyana’s oil development operations in 2020 arrived on Wednesday night at ExxonMobil’s onshore support base, located at Muneshwers Limited’s Houston port.

“This is real. The first shipment of equipment for the operations in 2020 arrived last night [Wednesday]. That’s something to be celebrated. It is not a joke, it’s not an illusion, it has started to happen,” Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman excitedly related, ahead of a trip to visit the site on Wednesday.

Workers were seen offloading pipes at the port. Lars Mangal, Chairman of TOTALTEC Oil Services, related that the support base was ahead of schedule. “Guyana Shore Base is running the primary shore base for ExxonMobil in support of their offshore operations. What we have here is the first vessel of the project, the Intermarine…arriving with the development casing which is being unloaded here on site, in support of the Liza 1 project,” Glen Lockwood, General Manager of Guyana Shore Base Inc stated.

Mangal revealed that there are approximately 60 persons employed at the onshore base and estimated that 94% of them are Guyanese. Mangal said he expects that between 200 and 300 people, attached to different companies, will eventually take up work in and around the base.

Guyana Shore Base Inc, ExxonMobil’s onshore support facility provider, is a venture between Muneshwers Limited, TOTALTEC Oilfield Services, Pacific Rim Constructors and LED Offshore.

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