Bandits escape in pensioner’s car after Land of Canaan home invasion

A Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara pensioner was on Friday evening attacked at his home, where bandits tied him up before they took their pick of his valuables and then escaped in his car.

Two bandits, including one armed with a gun, carried out the attack on Hardial Doss, 78, of Lot 143 Canaan Gardens, Land of Canaan, around 8pm, shortly after he had returned from a bank at Diamond.

Sunday Stabroek was told that the men tied him up with his belt and then carted away a quantity of valuables from his house, including a TV, two suitcases, and groceries as well as $70,000 in cash he had withdrawn from the bank and his passport.

They then fled in his car, PSS 1375.

Doss managed to untie himself and a report was made to the police.

Hours after the incident, acting on information received, the police recovered the abandoned car along the Soesdyke Junction. No arrest has been made as yet.

Doss was the third pensioner to be attacked and robbed by bandits during the past week.

Last Wednesday, South Ruimveldt resident Joy Proctor, 71, was slapped awake by masked bandits, who later carted away over $6 million in valuables, including her jeep.

On Monday, 71-year-old Ramnauth Singh had his pension snatched from him by two men.

The men, Devon Watson, called ‘Ivan,’ 25 of Lot 100 Noble Street, Friendship, East Coast Demerara, and Philbert Rogers, called ‘Dagan,’ 25, of Lot 59 Friendship, were arrested shortly after the attack and were charged with the crime.

Sunday Stabroek had reported that the men had attacked and robbed Singh after he had stopped at a supermarket on his way home to make a purchase.

During their bid to escape, the suspects allegedly pushed Singh to the ground.

However, he managed to stop a passing police vehicle, which was occupied by Deputy Commander of ‘C’ Division Superintendent Walter Stanton, and reported the attack.

The men were pursued and apprehended.

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