Two remanded on ganja trafficking charges

A miner and a mason were yesterday remanded to prison after being read separate charges for alleged possession of cannabis for trafficking.

Sean David, 51, a father of seven, stood before Magistrate Judy Latchman, who read a charge which stated that on February 9th, at Itaballi checkpoint, he had 1,181 grammes (equivalent to 2.6 pounds) of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.

David, of 104 Third Street, Alberttown, denied the charge.

According to police prosecutor Arvin Moore, on the day in question the drugs were found in a bag that David had in his possession.

David was subsequently remanded to prison. He is set to make his next court appearance today before the Chief Magistrate.

Meanwhile, Seon Duncan was later charged with possession of 1,027 grammes (equivalent to 2.2 pounds) of cannabis for trafficking.

Duncan, 26, a mason of Bartica, also denied the allegation.

Police Prosecutor Moore objected to bail being granted, while noting that Duncan was seen with a plastic bag acting in a suspicious manner. The bag was then searched and leaves, seeds and stems, suspected to be cannabis, were found inside.

Attorney George Thomas, who represented the accused, requested that his client be granted reasonable bail since the bag with the cannabis belonged to someone else. He noted that at the Parika Stelling, Duncan saw someone he knew from First Avenue, Bartica, who later asked him to place a bag at the front of a boat. He later assisted the person in removing the bag when they arrived at their location.

The said bag, according to the attorney, was searched by police, who found the drugs. Thomas noted that his client told the police the name of owner of the bag and took them to the individual’s address but they have yet to make an arrest.

Duncan was remanded to prison and he too is to make his next court appearance today before the Chief Magistrate.

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