Four Buxtonians awarded Tchaiko Kwayana scholarships for science studies at UG

-to mark International Day for Women and Girls in Science

In observance of International Day for Women and Girls in Science, a scholarship programme established in honour of the late Tchaiko Kwayana, the wife of politician and human rights activist Eusi Kwayana, has awarded four scholarships to four young Buxtonians to pursue studies in science at the University of Guyana. International Day for Women and Girls in Science is observed on February 11th annually.

According to a press release from the Tchaiko Kwayana Scholarship (TKS), Kimelle Odonhue Wright was awarded a scholarship to read for a degree in Medical Technology with the goal of a career in forensic medicine; Rike Semple will read for a degree in Applied and Exploration Geology as she prepares to work in the petroleum sector; Rhembie Adula Williams will read for an Associate of Science degree with the aim of having a career in environmental science, biology or as a lab technician; and Naisha Alleyia Gaime will read for a degree in Environmental Science. The awardees will also jointly undertake a research project on the community work of the Kwayanas and present their findings at the August 1st Emancipation Day event held annually in Buxton. The release noted that Mrs. Kwayana, who was an educator by profession, was a relentless organiser and supporter of education programmes for the youth and women of the village.

It added that TKS is committed to supporting one full four-year tuition scholarship annually to a student from Buxton-Friendship. Should more funds become available, other levels of support for eligible students will be provided.

The release further explained that it was decided that in the inaugural year of the programme, three one-year scholarships would also be granted in addition to the four four-year scholarships that have been awarded. The scholarships would be awarded to young women who are ready to pursue studies in science.

A steering committee to manage the TKS and to supervise and oversee applications, interviews, assessments and final approvals of prospective awardees has been established. It is comprised of Curbette Victorine, Grace Williams, Bonita Hope and Remona Sandy, who are all villagers of Buxton-Friendship, as well as Andaiye, Vanda Radzik and Karen de Souza, three of the co-founders of Red Thread who worked with Mrs. Kwayana during her years in Guyana.

The TKS programme is soon to have its official launch in Buxton, at which time its website will also be launched and the four inaugural TKS students will each give a short update on their studies and progress at UG and their own distinct goals as scientists in the making.

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